Anger is a very useful emotion – for a limited amount of time. Anger is often the instinctive response when something unfair or hurtful happens to us, or the people we love.

I have been angry and bitter for nearly three years, I must admit it’s kind of scary to start letting go of a feeling so familiar and I don’t think it’s going to happen overnight. I have been so angry with him, I have wished for revenge and other bad things to come his way. My vengeful thoughts would upset me, because as angry as I was with him, I still cared about him. It’s a weird feeling being really really angry with someone you love deeply. It’s a bit schizo actually, because in one moment you might be wishing them dead, in the next you are overwhelmed by sorrow, love and memories that used to be beautiful, now tainted.

Being hurt by someone you love and trust is a pain unparalleled to anything I have ever suffered.

Anger is a useful emotion in the sense that it makes us react when we are subject to poor treatment, but when does it stop being useful and start harming ourselves?